Thank you for all the votes, reviews and support!

2014-07-03 17:09:10 by baconbanditgames

We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has tried the Letter Quest demo, voted for the game, and left reviews - THANK YOU!

We really appreciate feedback on the game, good and bad. We've worked really hard on it, and we're a tiny two-man indie game dev company trying our best to make really fun and accessible games that everyone can enjoy!

Oh, and apparently Grimm and Rose have a little bit of help in their battle against the ghosts now:


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2014-07-03 21:12:43

Hey there Daily Top 5 buddy. You've a really nice game there, best of luck with getting it Greenlit! I tried voting for it myself there, but apparently I can't until I make a purchase on Steam >.>

baconbanditgames responds:

Hello to you as well Top 5 Friend! Thank you so much! That's silly that Steam doesn't let you vote until you purchase something, I don't like that rule! ;)

I'm trying out your game now, seems great, looking forward to giving it some more time!