Entry #1

Hello Newgrounders! (Newgroundians?)

2014-07-01 12:31:26 by baconbanditgames

Hi everyone! We are Bacon Bandit Games, a two-person Canadian indie game developer working hard to make games that everyone can enjoy!

For many years we've enjoyed a ton of games, demos, and Flash movies on newgrounds. Finally, we have something to contribute...

Our first game, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey was released earlier this year. We like to describe it as "Scrabble Meets RPG", it's a turn-based RPG where the combat plays out by spelling words. It's gotten a lot of really positive reviews and feedback, and we're excited that it's now also available on PC (as of yesterday!).

You can get more details at www.letterquestgame.com.

We'll be posting the Letter Quest Flash demo here on newgrounds shortly, and we hope everyone enjoys it!


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